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Bands are Small Businesses Too

As Small Business Saturday is in full swing, it's not just local shops and artisans that deserve recognition—bands and musicians, too, operate as small businesses, pouring their passion into creating musical experiences. Supporting these artists goes beyond attending concerts; it's about acknowledging the dedication they bring to their craft. Here are five ways to champion bands and musicians not just on Small Business Saturday but throughout the year.

1. Merchandise Matters:

Invest in the swag! Purchase band merchandise—T-shirts, hats, or even vinyl records. These items not only make fantastic gifts but also directly contribute to the financial well-being of the musicians.

2. Stream with a Purpose:

Streaming platforms are convenient, but they don't always translate to significant revenue for artists. On Small Business Saturday, consider purchasing music directly from the band's website or through platforms that offer a more substantial payout for artists, ensuring your support makes a tangible impact. Check out & stream some of our friends here.

3. Virtual Tip Jar:

Many musicians have embraced virtual platforms for performances. Show your appreciation by contributing to their virtual tip jar during live-streamed gigs. It's a simple way to express gratitude for the music while directly supporting the artist.

4. Attend Small Venue Gigs:

Seek out local gigs at smaller venues. Your attendance not only fuels the vibrant local music scene but also allows you to experience the magic of live performances up close.

5. Spread the Word:

Be a vocal advocate for your favorite bands. Share their music on social media, attend virtual events, and recommend them to friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for independent musicians, helping them reach new audiences and expand their community.

This Small Business Saturday, let's extend our support beyond traditional storefronts and into the world of music, where every note and lyric tells a story of passion and dedication. By treating bands as the small businesses they are, we can ensure a thriving musical landscape for years to come.

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